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Vinay Rathore

Vinay Rathore

Music Teacher

qoohoo is simply a one-stop solution to many of my problems. Organising and maintaining online courses at Musicwale was a mess until qoohoo came. As a creator I think the most powerful thing is knowing that it's “you” who has the power.


Finance Expert

qoohoo enabled us to monetize our existing community by removing all major roadblocks like payment gateway, course & community offerings. We were able to build our first 300 paid subscriptions on qoohoo in a span of just 2 months.


Music and Literature Enthusiast

Bookclub won't even exist if it weren't for qoohoo. It is so easy to create, maintain and monetise a community on qoohoo that I don't think twice before investing my time there. And now I am building a side venture apart from my music..
Muskan Bamne

Muskan Bamne

TV Actress

qoohoo filled the communication gap that I always felt with my audience on social media. It's smooth and fun app to connect with people directly and share things without privacy issues.