Building the world's best passion ecosystem for creators
Building the world's best passion ecosystem for creators

Building the world's best passion ecosystem for creators

We pronounce qoohoo as koohoo 😉

🎯 Mission

To build the passion ecosystem empowering creators & their followers to engage in exclusive communities with immersive experiences to learn various crafts, skills & expertise.

🧐 About Us

Creators are a new asset class - new-age internet entrepreneurs. Creators inspire, engage and grow millions of their audiences with their skill, craft, and experience. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have been a great way for aggregating the audience but monetizing the followers is very difficult for the creators - big or small. Creators need the solution of content creation, engagement, and monetisation while providing them with the benefits of network effects for growth & cross-pollination of interests. qoohoo is streamlining all the different needs, operations and user experiences in one place.
That's the problem we are solving at qoohoo by creating India's first passion ecosystem where creators can monetise their distribution and users can engage with their favourite creators. 🤘
Anyone, whether a comedian, podcaster, mentor, yoga, finance or music teacher who wants to build their communities, run sessions, workshops, courses, or classes can build community on qoohoo.

🤩 Marvels building qoohoo

  • Vimal is an experienced entrepreneur who built Coursavy prior to starting qoohoo. Aseem is a seasoned engineer with experience in building top-notch products at Razorpay.
  • Vimal is a creator himself, his brother runs an offline-turned-online music academy, and has a sizeable network of creators in various domains. With his first-hand experience and our thorough research, we understand the potential of the creator economy really well.
  • Plus, the whole team is super ambitious and passionate about creating something meaningful and impactful, something that our own friends & families can use.
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🦸‍♂️ Game changers who believe in us

We are grateful to be backed by some of the iconic investors and creators of the world :)
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