Hey creator,

We know that you are working day and night to build and empower the community with the right craft and expertise. Building a community, managing members, practicing craft, & upskilling members would have taken a lot of your time.
No more ad hoc member management
No more privacy breach
No more restrictions to run paid subscriptions/ classes/ courses, etc.

qoohoo is a platform where we can manage, build, grow and monetise the community easily.

🤠 About qoohoo

qoohoo is a passion ecosystem for creators where we can build, grow, and monetise our community of various categories, think yoga, music, storytelling, poetry, art, finance and many more.
🔗 Read more - qoohoo.in/aboutus

🤔 What to do on qoohoo?

Think of qoohoo as a place where we can manage our exclusive community. Currently, we might be using free products like WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord for managing our paid users. But how do we ensure our & our members' privacy? How do we focus on premium experience with verifying our premium members' payments in ad hoc ways?
qoohoo does not release any personal information of a creator or a user, and all the interaction happens on chat leading to complete control of the creator.
Payment management is super easy on qoohoo. Just decide the channel fee and the user will pay the amount before entering into our channel. No multiple verifications required!
Interesting way of communicating with our members with no content lost in group chat, all of which is possible on qoohoo.
The platform is build in such a way that we can modify our communication with our members depending on our use case - of one-way, two-way, or direct conversation.
  • Posts - Only a creator can send message & their members can react to it.
  • Group chat - All users in the channel can send & react to the messages.
  • One-to-one - Each member can have one-to-one conversation with a creator.
A creator can enable or disable any kind of interaction mode in settings depending upon the use case and need.
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🥳 Excited? Let's create your first channel

The first channel can be FREE for the community or we can use it for creating the
  • Paid classes
  • Paid workshop
  • A course of a specific duration
  • Monthly subscription for your users
Click on the + icon on the top bottom of the qoohoo screen. We will be needing an early access code to create a channel.
After that, fill in the details of the channel - A channel image, Channel name, Description, and relevant tags for it.
Click on create and add the fees to join the channel, if it is paid & select whether it is a recurring subscription or a session, which is a one-time payment.
We can also schedule the channel by adding a start date. Click on done and hurray 🎊, we have created our first channel.

Want to know about someone who has used qoohoo?

  • Vinay and team are running Musicwale on qoohoo. They started with 20 members on qoohoo and now have more than 100 paid members in their community. They increased the number of teachers from 2 to 10 and are earning more than 1L per month on qoohoo.
  • Sumanth and Raghavendra are running Indian Stock Training community in Kannada on qoohoo. They had only 30 members before qoohoo and now are managing more than 350 paid members in their community.
  • Milind Upasani used to have yearly batches because he was never able to run monthly batch because of lack of tools to manage users and payment. In the first month itself, he started 5 channels and has earned more than 1.5 L through it.
  • Ankita Roohja has never monetised her art of Mandala. For 2 months, she grew her free community on qoohoo and reached more than 70 members. In the start of third month, she started her paid channel and has earned more than 50K in the same month.
  • Rachit, founder of bookclub is a community of literature enthusiasts. He said, it was the idea of qoohoo and the ease of community formation that he was able to make a literature community which can organise weekly events. In a month, bookclub have more than 100+ literature enthusiasts and they organise poetry/book reading sessions every week.

For more queries, reach out to us in the creators at qoohoo.
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