What is qoohoo?

qoohoo is a next-gen passion ecosystem for creators to engage with their members with all features like payment & user management, conversation & LIVE classes at one place. It is founded by Vimal Singh Rathore (second time entrepreneur, previously built Coursavy) and Aseem Gupta (former engineer at Razorpay). qoohoo is backed by founders of Unacademy, Udaan, CRED, Snapdeal, CEO Flipkart, Tanmay Bhat and many more.

What are the ways by which a creator can engage with their members?

At qoohoo, a creator can launch a channel for the following:
  • Sessions - for a one-day talks, shows, meetups - where is of less than a day period and users can register by making one time payment
  • Multi-day events - for a course, cohort or workshop - where users can register by making one time payment
  • Subscriptions - for recurring monthly channels - where users can pay monthly to access the channel

Why become a creator on qoohoo?

A creator on qoohoo can easily grow and monetise their community with the complete privacy of all community members. On qoohoo, creators will find best tools to engage, monetise, and manage their community.

How can I create a channel for subscription, session and course in the app?

A channel is a group of people where a creator interacts, teaches, shares content and many more with his/her channel members. To get added in a channel, you need an invite link from the creator.
A channel is a place where a creator can run a session (short event), talk, one day workshop with their users and invite them from inside the channel.

Can I run multiple subscriptions, sessions or courses?

Yes, to do so you need to click on + icon on your homepage to start creating your next subscription, session or a course.

Can I take live sessions or classes through qoohoo?

Currently, we are working on live mode at qoohoo and you can soon take live classes through qoohoo. For time being, you can send link of other video chat platform on the chat.

What is the difference in broadcast and groupchat?

Broadcast are the messages which you can send to all members. Members can react to your broadcast messages. Group chat is an interactive chat for all the members in a group where everyone can chat and everyone can see.

Can creator change membership fee?

Yes, you can change your membership fee and new members will be charged with the updated fee. On the renewal of the subscription, latest fee will be charged to all the members in a channel.

How can a user access other channels by the same creator?

You can click on the creator's image icon on the channel page to access all the channels by the creator.

Can creator refund certain members if there is any issue?

Users once paid can only be refunded within 3 days of payment for appropriate reasons.

How do the creators get their payments?

Creators' payouts are released on Day 1 of every month, which usually takes 3 days to hit their bank account. Creator's who have completed 2 months with qoohoo gets their payout every 15 days.

Can I convert a paid channel into free after sometime?

You can convert a paid channel into free only if there are no users in the already created paid channel.

I am user, how can I join a channel?

In the current version of qoohoo, search is not possible. We will soon introduce feature to get channel recommendations from different categories.

Where do I fill my bank details?

To fill your bank details, you can go into your profile. Click on the top-right hamburger menu to slide the bar and you can fill your bank details in the "Account details" section.

How will I get payment from my members? (1 month later payment)

You will receive the total amount earned at qoohoo after every month.

How can I contact qoohoo if there is some problem?

You can mail us your feedback by selecting support option in your profile.

What kind of creator can join qoohoo?

Creators from all the spectrum liked dance, music, yoga, education, literature, art, sports, politics, etc. can use qoohoo.

Can I make my channel private?

Yes, to convert your channel private - click on the 3 dots on the right top of your channel and select edit channel. At the end, you will find an option of make your channel private which you can enable by switching on the toggle.

Most awaited features

Team qoohoo is working day and night to improve user experience and build delightful features for creators & their members. Here is the list of most awaited features-
  • LIVE interaction
  • Discount coupons
  • Trial channel access
Do you want to give us your amazing ideas or feedback, fill the form-

For more queries, reach out to us in the creators at qoohoo.
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