Beginner's Mandala Course

by Artistic Roohja
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In this course you will learn πŸ‘‰ Introduction to Mandala πŸ‘‰ History of Mandala πŸ‘‰ Benefits of Mandala πŸ‘‰ Work on wrist movements πŸ‘‰ Types of mandala grids πŸ‘‰ Making square grids πŸ‘‰ Making Circular grids πŸ‘‰ Basic shapes πŸ‘‰ Concepts of double lines πŸ‘‰ Concepts of layering πŸ‘‰ Connectors πŸ‘‰ Introduction to motifs πŸ‘‰ Basic motifs ( Part 1, 2 & 3) πŸ‘‰ Drawing a simple mandala πŸ‘‰ Drawing mandala borders πŸ‘‰ Connecting various motifs πŸ‘‰ Pattern creation technique πŸ‘‰ 5 Step by step mandalas

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Artistic Roohja

Artistic Roohja


Hey everyone Glad you found my space. Myself Dr Ankita Roohja, or you guys must know me by the name Artistic Roohja. I am an abstract and mandala artist. I also practice folk arts like Madhubani painting, Warli painting and Zentangle. Although I love experimenting and trying my hands at various art forms. In my 5+ years of Art journey, I have taught 6000+ students globally. I share lots of tutorials on my Instagram and Youtube channel, which you can use for learning . I also offer various online courses for deeper learning. I also help artists grow on Instagram and monetise their art. All my courses have Lifetime access, unlimited 24*7 doubt clearance, feedback and corrections. Join my free channel for endless learning, growing and a motivational journey. Be a part of my art family 🌺 Courses I offer: πŸ‘‰Mural Mastercourse πŸ‘‰Madhubani painting Mastercourse πŸ‘‰Instagram guide for Artists πŸ‘‰ Zentangle Mastercourse πŸ‘‰ Beginner's Mandala Course πŸ‘‰Warli painting Mastercourse πŸ‘‰How to earn as an artist πŸ‘‰ Digital Mandala Mastercourse